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Our Mandate

Temfund’s mandate is to foster community growth opportunities today to ensure prosperty for tomorrow.   In particular, we will support applicants who have the potential and initiative to:


•Create new jobs for Temiskaming residents

•Enhance opportunities for Temiskaming’s labour force to remain in our area

•Offer a niche service or product which displaces imports to Temiskaming

•Provide value added and export potential

Projects which DO NOT qualify include


•non-profit/charitable organizations unless significant regional economic benefit is proven

•Municipal infrastructure


Our primary goal is to promote economic growth within Temiskaming.  Temfund is registered as a non-profit Ontario corporation without share capital.

How I Do It

Temfund will consider providing loans to Temiskaming companies and entrepreneurs whose businesses fall under our mandate.

What's in It for You

A more streamlined and efficient application and approval process.  Credit decisions are made locally, enabling quicker responses and more flexible terms regarding extenuating circumstances in certain fluctuating economic conditions.

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