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Our History

The fund was established on April 4, 1990 by an agreement between Dofasco Inc., Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. and the Temiskaming Development Fund Corp.

It was designed as an incentive loan program established in response to the $4 million donation from Dofasco and Cliffs of Canada toward financial incentives for business diversification and growth in the Temiskaming area to mitigate job losses as a result of the closure of the Sherman and Adams mines.


Our primary goal is to promote economic growth within Temiskaming.  Temfund is registered as a non-profit Ontario corporation without share capital.

How I Do It

Temfund will consider providing loans to Temiskaming companies and entrepreneurs whose businesses fall under our mandate.

What's in It for You

A more streamlined and efficient application and approval process.  Credit decisions are made locally, enabling quicker responses and more flexible terms regarding extenuating circumstances in certain fluctuating economic conditions.

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